Health, Vitality and Immunity

Making sure your pet gets the right complement of vitamins and minerals to keep their bodies, organs and immune systems in tip top condition is just as important as it is in your own diet.

Your pet’s immune system is the front line in the body’s protection against illness and disease and it’s up to you, as owner, to make sure it gets everything it needs to effectively fight against harmful bacteria and disease. There are a multitude of ways you can make sure to keep your pet healthy. From taking dogs on long walks to ensuring their diet is sufficient.

Massage and Exercise

While the effect of exercise to general well-being is obvious, muscle activity is also thought to stimulate the body’s ability to cleanse itself of toxins. Many also believe that massage, also known as a good cuddle, can help stimulate your pet’s immune system. A good stroke will improve lymphocyte production, and enhance their function. A good bit of TLC will also have an important effect on your dog’s emotional well-being, a proven stimulant for a healthy immune system.

Diet and Nutrition

Specially formulated pet foods like Biopets contain a full complement of vitamins to help ensure your pet gets all the nutritional support it needs to stay happy, healthy and able to fight against illness. Rich in Vitamin A, Biopets offers support to your dog’s vision, appetite, skin and coat and has certain antioxidant activity.

Vitamin D, also found in careful quantities in Biopets, is fundamental in maintaining your pets ability to metabolise calcium, helping ensure strong bone health. Recent research has also shown a significant correlation between Vitamin D and general immune system health.

Biopets also contains essential fatty acids Omega 3 & Omega 6, which promote healthy skin and fur and ensure your pet’s immune system has all it needs to fight against disease and infection.