Biopets FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about Biopets

What is Biopets?

Biopet is a range of premium class pet food for cats and dogs. It caters to the dietary needs of your pets from the time they are small up to adulthood. Biopets ranges of food for pets is known for providing food that has fewer calories per serving, quality proteins, and the complete range of vitamins and minerals that are essential to your pet having a long and happy life.

Will Biopets help my pet have healthier weight?

Biopets for cats and dogs provides your pet with a food source that has fewer calories per serving to help promote healthy weight. It is enriched with natural vitamins that encourage your pet to exercise and stay healthy. Biopets also uses carbohydrates like oats to help your pet feel full for longer and it also promotes healthy bowel movement.

To help your pet have a healthy weight, follow package guidelines and consider your pet’s breed, activities/lifestyle, and age. If you are following feeding suggestion on the package but notice your pet is still putting on weight, we advise that slightly reduce the portion size.

Establish a schedule each day for when you will feed your pet and stick to that time. Discard the leftover food after 30 minutes to avoid your pet feeling the urge to overeat. Always measure each serving and resist the urge to get feeding time quickly over and done. Putting extra time into feeding your pet and monitoring his nutrition intake will go a long way in promoting healthier weight.

Does Biopets meet the needs of mature dogs?

As dogs and cats go older they may start to get less active and are hence more prone to weight gain. Extra weight gain can take a toll on the bone structure of a mature dog or cat and can eventually lead to more serious orthopaedic problems. Calcium is an important ingredient in Biopet foods and ensures that your pet’s bone structure is healthy and stable during his lifetime. Biopets also contains vitamin D3 to promote conservation of calcium in the body.

As your pet gets older you may notice that they are slightly finicky about certain foods or unable to digest others. Older pets need a diet that will be gentle on their digestive system. Biopets caters to these needs and provides foods for mature dogs and cats that will be gentle on their jaw structure and easy to digest. Oats is key ingredient in foods for mature pets as is it a rich source of dietary fibre and helps to promote healthy digestion and bowel movements.