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Study: Psyllium Lowers Appetite Signals Following A Meal

A study by the Healthy Young Adults Journal of Nutrition (2010 April) showed that Psyllium has a positive influence on multiple appetite signals.

The Study

Dietary fiber (DF) and protein are essential constituents of a healthy diet and are well known for their high satiety impact. The aim of this single-blind, randomized, cross-over study was to investigate the effects of DF and/or protein enrichments on satiety-related metabolic and hormonal responses.

Sixteen healthy, nonobese volunteers participated in the study and ingested 1 of 5 test meals in a randomized order on separate days. The test meals were as follows:

1. low in protein (2.8 g) and fiber (7.6 g)

2. low in protein (2.6 g) and high in soluble fiber (psyllium, 23.0 g)

3. high in protein (soy, 19.7 g) and low in fiber (6.2 g)

4. high in protein (18.4 g) and fiber (23.0 g)

5. white wheat bread.

After each meal hunger and satiety ratings were collected.

The study noticed hunger was significantly suppressed after a fiber- and protein-rich meal, in contrast to the initial increases following the other meals non high in fiber meals. In conclusion, solid meals enriched with psyllium fiber strongly modified postprandial signals arising from the GI tract.