BioBIND Case Studies

Emma Berkowitz


System Analyst

Age 40

BioBIND Case Studies

I am a married mother of two and juggle working as a system analyst and running a busy household. My weight has always yo-yo'd and it wasn't until last summer that I decided I'd had enough of being unhappy with my weight. I was on holiday in Turkey with my family and whilst we were there my niece took a photo of me in my bikini which I really disliked. It really upset me that I had put on so much weight. I was getting married in Jamaica in October and seeing myself in that photo gave me the right kind of motivation.

As soon as I arrived back in the UK I started eating healthily and exercising regularly. I have always been a keen runner and I soon rediscovered this passion.

I have to admit I have a bit of a sweet tooth and having two boys in the house means it's easy to find biscuits and chocolate if I want them. So a friend suggested I try BioBIND, a new product made from cactus extract that can help reduce the amount of dietary fat my body absorbs.

This really helped manage my diet more effectively and I didn't have to feel guilty if I ever slipped up. It was amazing how it helped and I started losing weight.

My main motivation during this time was that I bought a beautiful new dress for myself (the one I'm wearing in the photo) in the size I wanted to be. Every week I would try it on and it was great how I could see the results week by week.

I got married in October at my goal weight, it was a beautiful day and one I will never forget. Thanks to BioBIND whenever I look at the photographs from the day and my honeymoon, I feel really happy with my new figure.