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BIOBIND+BIOAPP Natural Food Supplement

120 Capsules
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BIOBIND BIOAPP Capsules can aid you increase your weight loss efforts when used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet. This is because both components combined support your weight loss regime..BIOAPP contains an innovative formulation called StatiMax which contains 2 of the most effective natural ingredients on the market which help you feel fuller for longer. BIOBIND Natural Food Supplement contains the advanced formulation Slenmax, a unique combination of three active ingredients

BIObind Natural Fat Binder contains the advanced formulation SlenMax™, a unique combination of three active ingredients, two of which have been shown to prevent fats from being absorbed in the body

New revolutionary BIObind is taking the UK by storm. Gemma Bissix, former Eastenders and Hollyoaks actress uses BIObind to keep her weight in check, without denying herself treats and making her diet revolve around her hectic schedule.

  • The key ingredients, cactus extract and Chitosan, have been proven to bind dietary fats within the body
  • Psyllium Husk, a dietary fibre, helps reduce appetite and promotes a feeling of fullness
  • Recommended by Max Tomlinson, the Nature Doctor and Dee Thresher, celebrity trainer and founder of GMTV's Bikini Diet.
  • BIObind is suitable for men and women of all ages without a prescription and is available exclusively from Chemist Direct.

What is BIObind? The Power Is Proven!

Developed solely by UK pharmacists & nutritionists, BIObind is the leading weight management product in the UK today. It acts as a significant aid to slimming and weight control to those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 18.5 or above. BIObind contains an innovative triple action formulation called SlenMax™ which contains three of the most effective natural weight loss ingredients on the market.

When undertaking a diet, it's important to balance exercise with excellent nutrition, but this is not always easy, and a little extra help may be appreciated, whether you are following a low fat or low calorie diet, you need to control your appetite. BIObind is a new weight management product containing 100% natural ingredients which have triple-action properties that could help people achieve a healthy body weight and prevent future weight gain. It's also ideal for those who cannot always find healthy eating options whilst on the move or who worry about the amount of fat they consume.

Is BIObind right for me?

If one of the following describes your lifestyle and eating habits, then BIObind is right for you:

  • Weekend Treater: Eats healthily most of the time but finds it hard to resist regular treats, especially at weekends.
  • Reward Eater: Gains pleasure from food and uses it, particularly high fat food, such as chocolate and ice-cream as a reward.
  • Convenient Consumer: Lack of time or opportunity to find healthy options leads to an over reliance on high fat convenience food.

BioAPP is the revolutionary product taking the slimming world by a storm! BioAPP contains StatiMax, a unique formulation that includes a number of well-renowned ingredients.

  • Helps you manage your appetite so that you feel fuller for longer
  • Contains ID-aIG, a seaweed based ingredient and also Kelp
  • Contains Glucomannan, an ingredient that can absorb up to 200 times its own weight in water providing a naturally full sensation
  • Suitable for men and women of all ages
  • Recommended by Max Tomlinson, the nature doctor and Dee Thresher, celebrity fitness expert
  • Available without prescription and made from all natural ingredients

What is BioAPP? The power is proven!

Do you tend to overeat? Are your portion sizes out of control? Do you struggle to avoid snacking during the day? If so, BioAPP is right for you. BioAPP is the new revolutionary natural supplement taking the slimming world by storm! BioAPP, one of a line of new weight loss supplements, contains StatiMax™, a unique and patented formulation that includes a number of well-renowned ingredients in the weight loss industry. This is the first time they have all been brought together in one formulation and it is available exclusively to Chemist Direct customers. By making you feel fuller for longer, BioAPP can help you retrain your eating habits so that you get used to eating less food. Over a period of time this will encourage your stomach size to contract, physically meaning it will require less food to make you feel full. By consuming less food you will consume fewer calories! This process is what makes BioAPP and effective product in the realm of weight loss supplements as part of a Calorie controlled diet.

Is BioAPP right for me?

If one of these describes your lifestyle and eating habits, then BioAPP is right for you:

  • Over Indulger: Food lover with a large appetite who finds it hard not to overeat
  • Hungry Dieter: Tries to restrict food intake but struggles to control their appetite and avoid temptation
  • Auto Eater: Eats regularly throughout the day without thinking about it and regardless of hunger levels, which leads to over consumption

How to take BioApp:

  • Take up to 6 tablets per day, 1-2 30 minutes before eating with a large glass of cold water.

How to take BioBIND

  • Take up to 6 capsules per day, 1-2 with each meal depending on how high the meal is in fat.

For example, porridge made with skimmed milk is very low in fat so only one capsule would be necessary, whereas a chicken korma curry is very high in fat, so two capsules would be necessary.

BIOBIND+BIOAPP Natural Food Supplement
5 stars

Ive been taking BioBind, BioApp and BioCarb, two tablets with every meal and have so far lost 2 pounds in 5 days. I eat 3 substantial meals a day as well as healthy snacks. The supplements definately help to suppress my appetite and help me to feel full quicker during a meal so i dont eat so much. They help to keep things moving in the digestive area too! I have just ordered another months worth so will see how far i can get with them.

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