What is BioAPP?

BioAPP contains a unique and patented formulation which combines some of the most effective natural appetite suppressant ingredients on the market today.

Sea Kelp has received significant press coverage for its ability to swell in your stomach, trigger satisfaction sensors in your stomach, which send a message to your brain saying you are full. When taken before eating, this encourages your body to require less food to feel satisfied than it would do without taking BioAPP.

Glucomannan has become well renowned in the weight loss industry because of it’s impressive ability to absorb up to 200 times its weight in water. When taken in relatively small quantities, such as that in BioAPP it absorbs liquid in your stomach and works in conjunction with Kelp to provide a comfortably full feeling which can help you manage the amount of food you consume.

By making you feel fuller for longer, BioAPP can help you retrain your eating habits so that you get used to eating less food. Over a period of time this will encourage your stomach size to contract, physically meaning it will require less food to make you feel full. By consuming less food you will consume less calories and providing you supplement this with some simple exercise you should lose a significant amount of weight.

Why take BioAPP?

If portion sizes, snacking or a love of food causes you to consume too many calories during the day, taking BioAPP will help take the edge off your hunger. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, BioAPP can help you lose a significant amount of weight and importantly, help train your body to require less food so you can keep the weight off after you’ve lost it.