Understanding Portion Sizes

Western diets tend to include far higher portion sizes than necessary as highlighted in the documentary ‘Supersize Me’.

However, there are many reasons for unnecessarily large portion sizes.

  • Plate sizes – the trend is towards oversized plates which we feel obliged to fill with food when we dish up dinner. Revert to smaller plate sizes and naturally portions will decrease.
  • Keeping up with the kids – as our children grow, so their appetites increase. As adults we feel obliged to dish ourselves up more food than our children. Accordingly, as their plate sizes increase, so do ours and all of a sudden, even though our appetites are probably the same, we are serving ourselves up unnecessarily large portions.
  • Food type proportions– Western diets tend to be far too heavily biased towards calorie rich carbohydrates. By using the Government’s Eatwell plate. you can get a better understanding of what an ideal plate of food should consist of.
Government?s Eatwell plate