How does BioAPP Work?

StatiMax™ - A Natural Slimming Ingredient Taking The UK By Storm!

BioApp contains StatiMax™ unique and patented formulation that includes a number of well-renowned products in the weight loss industry. These ingredients work together to suppress your appetite making you feel fuller for longer.

The 100% natural formulation in StatiMax™ triggers satisfaction sensors in your stomach, which send a message to your brain saying you are full. When taken before eating, this encourages your body to require less food to feel satisfied than it would do without taking BioAPP.

1. id-AIG, a seaweed based ingredient which works in two ways, firstly to inhibit the digestive enzymes from breaking down food secondly to increase the body’s metabolic rate so it can burn calories stored in the body more quickly.

2.Kelp Works by stimulating sensors in the stomach which send a message to the brain saying that the stomach is full, which in turn encourages you to consume less food.

3. Glucomanna, absorbs up to 200 items its own weight in water providing a naturally full sensation when taken before eating, again to encourage the body to feel fuller quicker.

By making you feel fuller for longer, BioAPP can help you retain your eating habits so that you get used to eating less food. Over a period of time this will encourage your stomach size to contract, physically meaning it will require less food to make you feel full. By consuming less food you will consume less calories and providing you supplement this with some simple exercise you should lose a significant amount of weight.