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Betamethasone Val Cream 0.1%W/W 100g

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Betamethasone Val Cream 0.1% w/w is a topical cream that can be used to relieve the symptoms of more severe inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

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Betamethasone Val Cream 0.1% w/w contains the active ingredient betamethasone, which fits into a group of medicines called topical corticosteroids that work to reduce inflammation of the skin. Inflammation occurs as a result of an allergy or irritation of the skin that causes a release of various substances that are important in the immune system. These substances then cause blood vessels to widen and leads to the irritated area becoming red, swollen, itchy and painful.

When the betamethasone is applied to the skin, it works inside the cells to reduce the release of these inflammatory substances in order to reduce swelling, redness and itching that is associated with conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It can also be used to relieve skin inflammations due to allergies or irritants, rashes caused by excessive scratching, reactions to bites and stings and various other inflammatory skin conditions.

Directions for using Betamethasone Val Cream 0.1% w.w:

  • Apply a small amount of Betamethasone Valerate to the affected area of skin
  • If there is no improvement within two to four weeks of using Betamethasone Valerate you should tell your doctor
  • If you are an adult and applying this medicine to your face, you should not use it for more than five days
  • This medicine may not be used in children for more than five days and the treated area should not be covered with a tight dressing
  • Your prescriber will try to find the lowest dose of your medicine which can control your condition
  • This medicine should not be used for a long time without a break in treatment particularly if the treated area is on the face, skin folds or other area where the skin is thin; or if it is tightly covered or sealed with a dressing
  • You may apply moisturisers to your skin after applying Betamethasone Valerate especially in areas of the skin where problems are known to occur frequently. Allow some time for Betamethasone Valerate to be absorbed before applying moisturisers. For more information, talk to your prescriber
  • If you are using Betamethasone Valerate on the eyelids take care not to get Betamethasone Valerate into your eyes
  • If you are using a dressing that covers or seals the area being treated, make sure that you know when and how to change the dressing. This is because a dressing that covers or seals the area can lead to moist or warm conditions which may increase the chance of getting infections

Caution before using Betamethasone Val Cream 0.1% w.w:

Betamethasone Valerate is not suitable for everyone and some people should never use it. Other people should only use it with special care. It is important that the person prescribing this medicine knows your full medical history.

Your prescriber may only prescribe this medicine with special care or may not prescribe it at all if you:

  • are allergic or sensitive to medicines similar to Betamethasone Valerate such as corticosteroids
  • are allergic or sensitive to or have had a reaction to any of the ingredients in the medicine
  • are elderly
  • have a large area of skin that needs treating with Betamethasone Valerate
  • have inflamed skin which needs treatment in the area around the mouth, back passage or the genitals
  • have kidney problems
  • have liver problems
  • have skin problems such as rosacea, acne or an infection in the area where Betamethasone Valerate needs to be applied

This medicine should not be used if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding, unless your otherwise indicated by your doctor.

Ensure you make your doctor aware of any other medications you may be taking before taking Betamethasone Val Cream.

Do not share your medication with anyone else, even if they share the same condition as you.

Please contact your doctor or medical practitioner to understand more about the side effects of taking Betamethasone Val Cream 0.1%W/W 100g.
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