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Back to School Vitamins for your Kids


Well done to the parents out there! You’ve survived summer and the kids are back to school!

With September upon us and, with another school year kicking off and summer behind them, some parents are considering how they can help support their growth and development. After an August of ice creams, barbeques, movie popcorn and all sorts of treats, you know they need to dial things back and help get back to a healthy routine.

That’s why some parents consider supporting their children with vitamins and supplements. There is a wide range of different products that are specially formulated to support your child in different ways.

In this Chemist Direct article, we look at how vitamins and supplements can support your children at school.

Gives More Energy

You might not think your child needs more energy, you may be of the opinion that they need vast amounts of energy drained from them regularly. Perhaps your child has enough energy in them to power a minor city? Or a large town?

Most people don’t consider how long a school day is and your child needs the energy to remain focused throughout classes. With the correct vitamins and supplements, you can give your child they need to get the most out of school.

Support their Immune System

With Halloween and Christmas around the corner, so is flu season. Cold and flu can be very uncomfortable for your child and can disrupt their education. When it comes to the festive season, it can easily ruin the holidays and the opportunity to make some lasting memories.

Certain vitamins, utilising the properties of natural ingredients, can support your child’s immune system and protect them from colds and flu.

Your Child is a Fussy Eater

Is your child a fussy eater? Can it be a nightmare trying to go out for a meal? Do you need to sometimes trick your kid into eating their veggies? Does it not work?

If your child is a fussy easter, it can be more than just a standoff over broccoli. To fully support your child’s growth and development, they need a fully balanced diet to ensure they’re getting the necessary vitamins, proteins and minerals they need. With the right supplements, you can help your little fussy eater get the necessary vitamins they need.

At Chemist Direct, we stock a wide collection of vitamins and supplements from leading brands such as Bioglan and Sambucol. Check them out today!