Feeding guides

Applaws Dry are complete foods for cats and dogs that can be fed alone to provide your pet with all of the nutritional value they need to stay happy and healthy. These highly nutritious foods are highly digestible and packed with nutritional goodness, meaning you will not need to feed your pet as much as you would with their ordinary pet food. If you’re introducing your pet to Applaws, we suggest moving them onto Applaws gradually over a period of 7-10 days to get them used to this completely natural diet.

Recommended daily servings are only suggestions depending on their age or weight. Feeding will also depend on age, size, and activity level. Portions will also depend on whether you are also feeding Applaws wet food to your pet.

Adult cat:

  • 20-30g = 1.25-3kg
  • 40-60g = 3-5kg
  • 60-80g = 5-8kg


  • 0-4 months = 55-70g
  • 4-5 months = 55-70g
  • 6-8 months = 70-75g
  • 8-14 months = 75-80g

Adult dog:

  • Small breed = 45-155g
  • Medium breed = 155-260g
  • Large breed = 260=468g
  • Giant breed = 468-778g


  • 0-2 months = 50-100g
  • 3-6 months = 80-140g
  • 7-11 months = 75-145g
  • 12-18 months = 150-375g