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APPEsat 12 Week Programme


For realistic and sustainable weight loss it is recommended to devise a weight loss plan which makes gradual changes across a sufficient period of time - we recommend 12 weeks as the optimum to ensure you are making changes that you can continue long term.


"Many people find it hard to lose weight and keep it off because they only consider the short-term and fail to make an appropriate plan. To achieve sustainable weight loss you need to change eating habits and build regular exercise into your lifestyle, rather than opting for more restrictive diets that you cannot maintain over time. With the right weight loss plan you won't feel hungry or tempted to return to old habits but instead you'll feel great and full of energy."


It is important to tailor any weight loss plan to your own body's needs, taking more at the times you are likely to overeat. To support your weight loss plan further, you may find it useful to keep track of your daily food intake.


Eventually with the aid of APPEsat, your body will have trained itself to eat less, so as your eating patterns change and your hunger pangs diminish, you will be less dependent upon APPEsat™.


Here are some examples of 12 week APPEsat™ plans depending on when you are most likely to snack: