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Is APPEsat Right for Me?

There are 3 main types of eaters that benefit from APPEsat

The over-indulger:

Food lover with a large appetite who finds it hard not to over eat.

If you find it hard to resist eating until you're uncomfortably full, or hunger pangs regularly cause you to snack between meals, then APPEsat could be right for you.

The hungry dieter:

Tries to restrict food intake but stuggles to control their appetite and avoid temptation.

Doctors believe that feeling full (satiation) is an essential factor in any weight loss plan. If you can lose weight without feeling hungry then your chance of reaching your weight goals are increased.

The auto-eater:

Eats regularly throughout the day without thinking about it and regardless of hunger leves, which leads to over consumption.

Sometimes we over eat out of habit and sometimes it's just hard to ignore those cravings. Either way, APPEsat™ will help you to feel fuller for longer, so you'll find it easier to eat smaller portions and to reduce or even cut out snacking between meals.

As your body adjusts to only eating the amount of food it needs, you'll find that your desire for big meals and snacks reduces. Over time you can cut down the amount of APPEsat™ you take each day, while still losing weight. Eventually you will be able to stop taking APPEsat™ completely, and the weight will stay off because you have accustomed yourself to your new eating habits.

The secret to achieving your ideal weight is to take the long-term approach - being aware of what you eat, how you exercise and how these both impact on your body. Managing your weight and staying your best depends on taking regular exercise and eating a good mix of the foods you d to stay healthy - but do not overeat.

Don't starve yourself:

Starving yourself on a crash diet will only result in your weight yo-yoing, or may put you at risk of developing health problems - neither of which are good for you!

Who can use APPEsat?

APPEsat is suitable for any adult with a BMI of over 18.5 who recognise that reducing the amount of food they eat will have a positive effect on their weight management.