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Can anyone take Adios?


Generally, yes!


As with any medicine though, isolated reactions are possible and rare individuals may be sensitive to any of the ingredients. To minimise the possibility of adverse reaction, follow the labelled directions for use and do not take more than the stated dose of Adios.


You shouldn’t take Adios if you are;


•   Sensitive to any of the ingredients.

•   Under 16 years of age.

•   Pregnant or breastfeeding.


Although we're not aware of any other special groups who should avoid using Adios, we recommend that patients suffering from serious medical conditions should consult their doctor or pharmacist before using Adios.


Will Adios work for me?


The combination of ingredients that Adios contains has been traditionally used to help people lose excess weight, as part of a calorie-controlled diet with exercise. Obviously, everyone's body is different and we can’t guarantee how much weight you’ll lose - however, the key to losing weight with Adios is remembering to take a tablet at each of the stated meal times. As with any sensible weight loss plan, you should try and stick to a calorie controlled diet. Increasing your normal activity levels and exercising more will also help you lose weight.


Is Adios suitable for vegetarians/vegans?


Adios and Adios Max are not suitable for vegans. Both products are suitable for vegetarians.


Can people with a nut allergy take Adios?


The butternut in Adios is derived from the bark of the butternut tree, not the nuts, so it shouldn’t present difficulties to people with a nut allergy. If you’re not sure, always check with the pharmacist first.


Is Adios gluten-free?


Yes. The starch used in Adios is derived from potatoes (not cereals) and is therefore gluten-free.