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How often should I use DAP?

Dog Appeasing Pheromone is referred to as DAP for Dogs. DAP for Dogs was created by a team of French scientists and is a non-harmful chemical created especially for dogs who suffer from fear of thunder, lightning, or fireworks; separation anxiety disorders; or who bark excessively. DAP for Dogs is a synthetic analogue of hormones produced by female dogs who are nursing. The chemical promotes calm and secure behaviour.

It depends of the nature and the extent of the problem for which you are using DAP. the following table will give you an idea, but your veterinary surgeon or behaviour counsellor may adapt the duration of use to your dog’s specific case.



  • Usual recommended durations of use
  • Destruction, house soiling and vocalisation in the absence of the owner.
  • 3 months in combination with behavioural therapy.
  • Usual recommended durations of use
  • To help establish the puppy or the dog in a new environment.
  • 1 month.
  • To help the puppy or the dog to stay at home alone
  • 2 months (socialisation period)
  • Hospitalisation/use in waiting/consultation room.
  • Daily/ongoing
  • Fears of fireworks
  • At times where fireworks are more frequent such as bonfire night, Diwali and New Year, use the product for the until the end of the period..
  • Other fears expressed in the home (strangers, thunderstorm)
  • Adjust depending on the nature/cause of the fear and according to the duration of combined behavioural therapy.