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Look to Chemist Direct for Eczema & Psoriasis relief

Eczema & Psoriasis are probably the most annoying skin conditions one could suffer from. In the cold, skin tightens and cracks becoming sore and unbearable and in the warmer months, it seems you can't stop scratching from the sheer irritation the heat causes. You can’t win! In order to ease your symptoms Chemist Direct offers numerous treatments.

Looking for an Eczema Cure?

Over the counter treatments will never be effective enough to cure eczema or psoriasis, you will have to see your GP for help with that. What we can do is offer you a range of moisturisers to help keep your skin supple such as E45, Oilatum or Salcura, Dithrocream Forte is a specific Psoriasis Cream which reduces skin thickening and scaling which proves an effective treatment for psoriasis. Toiletries for your bath & shower are available so that your skin does not dry out through washing including Dermol and Cetaphil and itch relief in the form of hydrocortisone, which yes, you can get from your GP in a larger size, but if you need a quick fix, this is the place to get it.

Psoriasis Cream is available from Chemist Direct