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60 Capsules

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FLEXIPETS is a unique joint care supplement containing Glucosamine, Mangosteen (MangoSelectâ„¢), MSM and Flaxseed, which when combined, creates a powerful, effective formulation aimed at helping to improve joint pain and mobility within your cat or dog, so they can simply get on with enjoying their life.

FLEXIPETS helps improve flexibility and is a revolutionary new joint care supplement designed specifically to help improve joint pain & mobility within both cats & dogs.

As we age, so do our joints. The same can be said for both cats & dogs. The constant use of their weight-bearing joints suggests the integrity of such joints will one day begin to deteriorate. Once this happens, just as in people, our canine and feline friends will begin to feel chronic joint pain due to inflammation and degeneration of cartilage. One way to help prevent this from occurring is by giving your cat or dog a daily joint care supplement like FlexiPets.

FLEXIPETS is a powerful joint care supplement that is aimed at helping to improve joint pain and mobility within your cat or dog. Giving your cat or dog a daily joint supplement like FLEXIPETS from an early age, is a great way to help maintain their joint integrity throughout their life. 

  • This cats & dogs joint care supplement contains 100% natural ingredients.
  • FLEXIPETS cats & dogs joint care supplement is a high strength, powerful formulation of Glucosamine HCL.
  • It contains flaxseed which possesses anti-inflammatory properties that may help to reduce joint pain and stiffness and MangoSelect™ which has been clinically proven to reduce joint pain and improve flexibility.
  • Each capsule is vegetarian, unlike other joint formulations for pets.
  • FLEXIPETS contains no allergens or additives and no colours or sugars added – unlike other Brands.
  • 100% active ingredients – no fillers or binders or chemicals added.

Why give your cat or dog FLEXIPETS?

FLEXIPETS can be given as a maintenance measure – to help your dog or cat, from an early age, maintain the integrity of their joints. On the other hand, if deterioration has already set in, you cannot reverse this, but an effective joint care supplement, like FLEXIPETS, can help to alleviate the joint pain and inflammation they will experience. And in doing so you are helping them experience diminished pain, thus helping to begin to improve their quality of life. 

Give them FLEXIPETS if you want to:

  • Help alleviate joint pain
  • Help diminish joint inflammation
  • Help them regain some degree of flexibility
  • Simply help maintain your cat or dog’s joint health

Is FLEXIPETS right for my cat or dog?

Joint pain caused by inflammatory disorders or degenerative joint disease can be extremely debilitating. Some licensed medication to help relieve the symptoms of joint pain can be prescribed to your cat or dog, but FLEXIPETS is a daily supplement made from 100% natural ingredients with no known side effects and suitable for both cats & dogs. It aims to help to improve their joint pain and mobility (either when used alone or alongside anti-inflammatory medication prescribed and agreed to by your vet). 

By giving your cat or dog FLEXIPETS daily, you can help prevent painful joints as the high strength formula possesses anti-inflammatory effects that relieve symptoms effectively.

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How does FLEXIPETS work? 

Key Ingredients


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FLEXIPETS contains:

Unique formulation of ingredients, all of which are widely recognised as joint care supplements - the most renowned being Glucosamine. By incorporating such nutrients into your cat or dog’s diet from an early age, you may be helping them to enjoy a joint-healthy life, or, if deterioration has already set in, you may be helping them to achieve some joint pain relief and thereby helping to begin to improve their quality of life.

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For my 11 year old Labrador this is a good quality product. His joints and overall health has improved since taking these tablets. They were easy for him to swallow and digest. I will be buying them again.

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