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Lipobind is one of three weight management products from SHAPE.SMART. LIPObind is a clinically proven fat binder that contains Litramine, a patented natural fibre complex made from dried cactus extract, proven to bind up to 27.4% of fat from food. LIPObind contains essential fat soluble Vitamins A, D & E.


Is Lipobind Suitable For Me?

If a love of fatty foods - such as convenience meals, snacks and take aways - is making it hard to shift those stubborn pounds, then LIPObind could be your ideal weight management partner. LIPObind can help you to stay focused, motivated and reduce your weight.

New and improved LIPObind can help you to stay focused, motivated and reduce the impact from dietary slip-ups. In the real world we will all lose our way from time to time, indulging in the occasional 'bad' food choice.

The secret to weight management success is to take the long-term view - being aware of what you eat, how you exercise and how these both have an impact on your body. Starving yourself on a crash diet will only result in your weight yo-yoing, which is not healthy.


Moderation is the key to success and will allow to you to enjoy the food you love, while working towards the figure you've always wanted.


If you want to take control of managing your weight and are ready to make sensible lifestyle changes then LIPObind™ is your perfect weight management partner - helping you make the most of your new way of life.

Who Can Take LipoBind?
LIPObind is for any adult with a body mass index (BMI) of over 18.5 who recognises that reducing the amount of fatty food they eat will have a positive effect on their overall weight management.
LIPObind binds readily with undigested fat in the stomach creating a fat-fibre complex too large to be absorbed by the small intestine and is passed out naturally.

In addition to binding fat, LIPObind also helps to reduce food cravings. The soluble fibres in LIPObind swell in water and trap food. This slows down digestion and reduces blood sugar spikes. The soluble fibres also form a gel that slows down the rate the food leaves the stomach. Consequently, the desire to eat is reduced and replaced by a feeling of fullness