Snoring Vs Relationships

Snoring Vs Relationships


“Goodnight, please don’t snore tonight”. It’s a conversation that’s all too familiar in many relationships. Getting a rejuvenating 40 winks in bed each night can be really difficult if you have a partner who snores.

With people elbowing their partner to encourage them to stop, making them sleep in separate beds and even screaming at them in annoyance, severe snoring can easily lead to frustrations in your relationship.

With this in mind, here at Chemist Direct we decided to look at just how much snoring is affecting modern day relationships, and discovered some interesting results.

With comments like: “I used to throw my ex out of bed on several occasions because of his snoring”, “I’ve been close to tears before”, and even “I’ve considered breaking up with my partner because of it” being thrown around, it’s clearly a big cause of tension for some couples. This indicates that noisy snoring can be a pretty serious problem. Here’s what you had to say:

Severe Snorers

Over 25% of Brits polled said that they had experienced conflict in their relationship specifically because of snoring. It tended to affect their relationships of older couples more, with younger people seeing snoring as much less of an issue. Couples in the 45 to 54 age bracket said they were more likely to experience conflict as a result.

Does Where You Live Affect How Much You Snore?

Yes, where you live was found to have a significant impact on the severity of snoring. We asked participants to rate their partner’s snoring on a severity scale of 1 – 10.

Does Where You Live Affect How Much You Snore

Cardiff (7.9), Gloucester (6.5), Oxford (6.45), Belfast (6.31) and Edinburgh (6) had the highest average scores.

Places where moderate severity was rated included Southampton, Birmingham, York Newcastle and London, with minor levels of severity rated in Sheffield, Plymouth and Portsmouth.

Those with a partner in Aberystwyth were least bothered by snoring, with the Welsh town scoring just a 1 on the scale. Being a coastal market town, maybe this is due to the sea breeze – better air quality might help to prevent, or at least minimise, very severe snoring. Or maybe this just means it’s the best place to be for a restful night’s kip and a happier (and much snoozier) relationship.

So, if you know you’re a noisy snorer, you know where to consider relocating for a more blissful relationship now.

But, if you don’t fancy upping and relocating across the country, then our best recommendation if you snore is to take a look at the range of sleep aids we have at Chemist Direct. If snoring is taking its toll on your relationship, they could do more for you than just aid a restful night’s sleep.

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