Haliborange FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions What is Omega 3 and why would children benefit from it in their diet? Omega 3 is the name of a type of fat that is found in oil-rich fish and some plant oils. It's from the family of 'good' fats - polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that are not only beneficial for health but are essential in the diet. Research has shown that eating 250mg DHA daily as part of a healthy lifestyle contributes to normal brain function. Are Haliborange Vitamins suitable for vegetarians? Most of our products are not suitable for vegetarians as they contain gelatine. Baby & Toddler 250ml Read More

Seven Seas FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions WHAT IS A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT? A dietary supplement, also known as a food supplement, is a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances, which support your regular diet with a nutritional or physiological effect. WHY MIGHT DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS BE NECESSARY? Even if we eat healthy, well-balanced diets, there may still be certain vitamins and minerals our bodies are not getting enough of, due to our modern lifestyles and environment. Furthermore, some nutrients, like essential fatty acids, cannot be synthesized sufficiently by our bodies. Dietary supplements can help fill these nutritional gaps, to ensure our bodies are getting all the nutrients they Read More

Chemist Direct Proudly Presents: Childs Farm

Chemist Direct Proudly Presents: Childs Farm If your baby or child has sensitive or eczema-prone skin, then you have our sympathies. It can be incredibly frustrating to see your little one in pain or discomfort, not being able to do anything about it. Picking the right cleansing and moisturising product can improve that situation considerably. That's why we're proud to present Childs Farm, a trusted brand of moisturisers, bubble baths, body washes and shampoos suitable for those children with sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Eczema - what is it? It might be of some consolation to learn that eczema is a very common skin Read More

Our Top 10 Tips To Beat Nicotine Cravings

If you're brave enough to quit smoking this October, we salute you! We know it's not easy to do, with nicotine cravings trying to rope you back into your old habits. There's some good news though: cravings usually don't last longer than 5-10 minutes, which means that if you find a way to distract yourself for that amount of time it's over before you know it. Of course, we've got a massive range of over the counter nicotine replacement products, but there are other ways to reduce cravings too. Here's our top 10 of tips to beat those pesky cravings: Read More

Chemist Direct blogs

18 Aug 2017

Back to School Essentials

Our top 5 back to school essentials With the summer holidays coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about the school year ahead. And although for most parents it’s a relief to see the children Read More

Tags: Chemist Direct

18 Aug 2017

10 Years of Chemist Direct

Chemist Direct has turned 10 years old Happy 10th birthday to us! On Monday the 21st of August Chemist Direct turned ten years old. Those ten years have seen us grow substantially, offering more brands, products and services Read More

Tags: Chemist Direct, Infographics

10 Aug 2017

Vitamin of the Month – August

Regener8 Skin Supplements Does your skin need a bit of TLC this August? Sun exposure can lead to early signs of ageing, such as wrinkles or lines. Our range of Regener8 skin supplements aims to help counter Read More

Tags: Beauty

16 Jun 2017

Skin Cancer Awareness

Skin Cancer Awareness: What You Should Look Out For We all know that as we get older, our bodies begin to change. Here at Chemist Direct, we think it’s important that each of us take charge of Read More

Tags: Health

27 Apr 2017

Discover Meritene

Click here to shop the Meritene range Discover Meritene Discover Meritene® Strength & Vitality Introducing the new Meritene range of tasty, nutritional shakes & soups. It’s a unique blend of 11 vitamins, 7 minerals, proteins and great Read More

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27 Apr 2017

The Science Behind Meritene

Click here to shop the Meritene range The Science Behind Meritene Healthy living is closely linked to a lifestyle that includes regular physical activity paired with wise food choices Good nutrition and exercise work better to slow Read More

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20 Apr 2017

Snoring Vs Relationships

Snoring Vs Relationships “Goodnight, please don’t snore tonight”. It’s a conversation that’s all too familiar in many relationships. Getting a rejuvenating 40 winks in bed each night can be really difficult if you have a partner who Read More

Tags: Beauty

7 Apr 2017

The UK Health “Hotspots”

The UK Health “Hotspots” We’ve all been there; typing into Google health symptoms and convincing ourselves that we’ve got a life-threatening illness, when in reality all we’ve got is a common cold that’s on its way out. Read More

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27 Feb 2017

Why does Castlemil use Whole Milk?

Click here to shop the Castlemil range Why does Castlemil use Whole Milk? You might be wondering why Castlemil uses whole milk in their baby formulas rather than skimmed milk like many other leading bands. Extensive research Read More

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17 Jan 2017

Discover Skincare solutions from Sebamed

Click here to shop the Sebamed range Sebamed – Medicinal Skincare recommended by dermatologists & skincare experts Worldwide Sebamed is one of the leading brands for medicinal skin care with a pH value 5.5 – the same Read More

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