Skin Cancer Awareness

Skin Cancer Awareness: What You Should Look Out For We all know that as we get older, our bodies begin to change. Here at Chemist Direct, we think it’s important that each of us take charge of our health and understand when these changes are completely normal or when you need to consult your GP. Surprisingly, surveys have found that 77% of people said that they wouldn’t recognise the signs of a melanoma (a malignant skin cancer tumour). This is despite the fact that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK and nearly three quarters of the Read More

Discover Meritene

Click here to shop the Meritene range Discover Meritene Discover Meritene® Strength & Vitality Introducing the new Meritene range of tasty, nutritional shakes & soups. It’s a unique blend of 11 vitamins, 7 minerals, proteins and great taste specifically designed for adult daily nutrition. Meritene is more than just vitamins, it's: Meritene’s® delicious range of nutrition shakes and soups help to provide the nutrients, which contribute to strength and vitality. These tasty high protein snacks are rich in vitamins B2, B6 & B12 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and high quality protein which contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass. Meritene® Strength Read More

The Science Behind Meritene

Click here to shop the Meritene range The Science Behind Meritene Healthy living is closely linked to a lifestyle that includes regular physical activity paired with wise food choices Good nutrition and exercise work better to slow down health issues when both are part of your routine. The right intake of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and protein are essential for normal body functions. Eating a variety of whole foods is recommended, yet it is not always easy to have a balanced diet. Calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D and protein are all key nutrients and are essential for the maintenance of good muscle, bone Read More

Snoring Vs Relationships

Snoring Vs RelationshipsSnoring Vs Relationships “Goodnight, please don’t snore tonight”. It’s a conversation that’s all too familiar in many relationships. Getting a rejuvenating 40 winks in bed each night can be really difficult if you have a partner who snores. With people elbowing their partner to encourage them to stop, making them sleep in separate beds and even screaming at them in annoyance, severe snoring can easily lead to frustrations in your relationship. With this in mind, here at Chemist Direct we decided to look at just how much snoring is affecting modern day relationships, and discovered some interesting results. With comments like: “I used to Read More

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14 Nov 2016

Depend – Women’s Incontinence Guide

Click here to shop the Depend range Women’s Incontinence Guide What is bladder leakage? Bladder leakage, also known as urinary incontinence, is a problem of the urinary system. Urine is stored in the bladder until it sends Read More

Tags: Health

14 Nov 2016

Depend – Men’s Incontinence Guide

Click here to shop the Depend range Men’s Incontinence Guide What is incontinence? Urinary Incontinence, or bladder leakage, is defined as any involuntary leakage of urine. It is a symptom or combination of symptoms related to the Read More

Tags: Health

20 Oct 2016

Bio-Oil – Specialist Skincare

Click here to shop the Bio-Oil range Bio-Oil – The UK’s No1 Multi-use Skincare Oil   Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its advanced Read More

Tags: Beauty, Health

19 Sep 2016

Nicorette – Which product is right for you?

We understand that finding the right product for you is important when you’re quitting smoking. We also know there are lots of options out there so read on for advice about which may be the most appropriate Read More

Tags: Health

16 Sep 2016

Stop Smoking Tips

Top Tips for Quitting Quit with a friend – You can motivate each other, support each other through the tough times and know that you’re not in it alone. Use the money you save on cigarettes to treat Read More

Tags: Health

16 Sep 2016

Nicorette dual support

Maximise your chances of quitting for good with NICORETTE® dual support Research suggests that you are almost three times more likely to quit using two Nicotine Replacement Therapy products at the same time vs willpower alone. NICORETTE® Read More

Tags: Health

16 Sep 2016

Frontline FAQ’s

Flea Prevention Can fleas build up an immunity to the treatment? There is no scientific evidence to suggest that fleas have developed immunity to the active ingredients in any of the common flea control products, including fipronil Read More

Tags: Pet

31 Aug 2016

Oilatum FAQ

Click here to shop the Oilatum range   What is eczema? Healthy skin contains fats and oils which help to maintain moisture by creating a protective layer. In eczema prone skin, the cells don’t produce as many Read More

Tags: Health

28 Jul 2016

Viviscal – Track Your Progress

Click here to shop the Viviscal range   Track your progress Stay on track with our handy tracker tool. It’s important to remember to take your supplements with water, after food twice daily. Read More

Tags: Beauty

28 Jul 2016

Viviscal Reviews

Click here to shop the Viviscal range   Viviscal Reviews “I use the whole range of Viviscal products (shampoo, conditioner, scalp serum and tablets) and the difference they have made to my hair is amazing. I have Read More

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