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In case you missed it: September has been declared the Organic Month by the Soil Association. This yearly event is organised to highlight the benefits or organic products across the board, from vegetables to shampoos. These products contain fewer chemicals compared to regular products. Also, the organic way of farming is good for the general environment, as it uses fewer pesticides and no genetically modified ingredients. Animals are treated with respect and given time to grow, and anti-biotics are rarely used. At Chemist Direct we like to make sure we’ve got something in stock for everyone, and our range of Organic products is no different. Here’s a quick highlight of what we have to offer.

Organic Baby Food


When it comes to feeding your little one, we understand that you want to ensure they get the best nutrition available. That’s why we stock HiPP, a trusted brand in organic baby food. Within the range there’s organic baby formula from infant to follow-up, as well as specialty products such as anti-reflux milk and comfort milk for hungry babies. For older children, there is Ella’s Kitchen. They make tasty organic baby and toddler food – from Jamaican Chicken and Rice to Salmon Risotto! By choosing these products, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your child is fed only natural ingredients.

Organic Toiletries


From Child’s Farm products for children with sensitive skin, to Cowshed – we’ve got your organic toiletry needs covered. We stock organic toothpastes, sanitary products, shampoos and soaps. And when you think about it, why wouldn’t you go natural for your toiletries? Especially if you have sensitive skin, organic skincare can be the way to go. These products contain no artificial colours or preservatives, meaning there’s less chance of causing irritation to your skin. In our Male Toiletries range you’ll find a broad selection of organic products for men. Green People has made a highly effective organic deodorant with the scent of lemon and thyme but without common nasties such as parabens, aluminium and alcohol. Faith in Nature has created a threefold organic range for men, including a hand-made block soap, shampoo and shower gel.
Click here to view our full Organic Range!

Organic for Pets


Just as with baby food, a proud pet parent wants to be sure to give their furry companion the best nutrition possible. Don’t worry, our range of organic pet food has got you covered. We stock both dry and wet food, for dogs and cats. A popular brand is Lily’s Kitchen, with mouth-watering products such as an Organic Chicken Dinner for your cat, or Goose and Duck Feast with Fruits for your dog. There’s also specialist products available for seniors or puppies as well, and even a grain-free range. Delish! It’s not just organic food though – we also have organic pet health products, such as the Cleanural Ear Cleanser for dogs.

Organic Super Foods


If you’re trying to improve your diet, going organic makes sense. Why put all that effort into trying new recipes of complicated green juices and smoothies, only to put in genetically modified ingredients? We stock Bioglan, a company renowned for its nutritious superfood powders and health supplements. Try their Coconut Oil, which is 100% certified organic. It’s not just delicious to cook with, but also great as a hair mask or skin moisturiser. If you’re just starting out in the wonderful world of organic produce, perhaps their cacao powder is a good place to start. It’s naturally high in fibre and protein, and a brilliant source of magnesium, iron and anti-oxidants. And it’s delicious to boot!

So, there you have it: our highlight of organic products. Of course there’s much more to explore – why don’t you have a look?

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