Chemist Direct Proudly Presents: Nicocig

We proudly present: Nicocig

Nicocig E-cigarettes

If you’re looking to give up smoking or reduce your nicotine intake, then take a look at our range of e-cigarettes. Even the NHS is now backing e-cigarettes as a great way to help combat nicotine cravings and help you quit for good. That’s why we thought it about time to explain a bit more about the workings of e-cigarettes. The range of e-cigarettes we stock are by Nicocig, a British brand that has been manufacturing electronic cigarettes since 2008.

The classic Nicocig product is shaped like a cigarette, ensuring you get that same feeling when you hold it as when you used to smoke. When used, the liquid nicotine in the cartomiser is heated up and turned into a vapour which is then inhaled. The cartomisers do not contain any tar or carbon monoxide. Only water vapour and excess nicotine vapours are exhaled, so there’s no risk of passive smoking for those around you.

After you’ve bought the starter kit, you will have to replace the cartomisers from time to time. This depends on how much you use the product as one cartomiser holds the nicotine equivalent of around 20 cigarettes. Cartomisers are available in strengths varying from 16mg of nicotine for heavy smokers to 6mg for light smokers. Flavours range from original and golden tobacco to menthol and berry blast, making sure there’s a product that’s suitable for you.

E-cigarettes can really help improve your chances of quitting smoking for good. Are you looking for more tips to quit smoking? Check out the link below!

Quit Smoking tips

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