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26 Oct 2017

New In: AlfaSilver First Aid Treatment

New In: AlfaSilver First Aid Treatment Accidents happen all the time. Whether it’s your children learning to ride their bicycles, the unfortunate results of an enthusiastic rugby match at school or just a simple case of I-never-knew-that-door-was-there, Read More

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17 Oct 2017

How To: Help Prevent Seasonal Hair Loss

How To: Help Prevent Seasonal Hair Loss Autumn is finally here. The season of woolly jumpers, cosying up to a roaring fire and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate. But it’s also the season of hair loss, Read More

Tags: Beauty, Health, Toiletries

13 Oct 2017

New In: Maloff Protect Malaria Tablets

If you’re going on holiday to one of the countries where you’re at risk of malaria, then have a look at Maloff Protect. When taken correctly, these tablets will protect you from becoming infected by the virus. Read More

Tags: Health, Travel

10 Oct 2017

Chemist Direct Proudly Presents: Nicocig

We proudly present: Nicocig If you’re looking to give up smoking or reduce your nicotine intake, then take a look at our range of e-cigarettes. Even the NHS is now backing e-cigarettes as a great way to Read More

Tags: Health

10 Oct 2017

Supplement of the Month – October

Supplement of the month October: Glucosamine Sulphate If you’re suffering from aching joints or even a diagnosed joint disorder, then autumn can be a very difficult season. When the temperature outside drops and the weather gets more Read More

Tags: Health

3 Oct 2017

Take good care of your pet this Autumn

Tips and tricks to keep your pet healthy this Autumn As the leaves begin to fall and the weather turns colder, it’s extra important to keep a good eye on your pet. Here’s our round-up of things Read More

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