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Bioconcepts Bioconcepts H-Pantoten Hair Nutrition

60 Tablets

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Hair loss can greatly affect one's self confidence & self-esteem. Bioconcepts H-Pantoten Hair Nutrition Tablets are rich in nutrients that help to promote & encourage healthy hair growth particularly in men. H-Pantoten is believed to work by helping to increase the blood flow to the follicles, helping nourishment get to the hair itself. 

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Bioconcepts H-Pantoten Hair Nutrition What can cause hair thinning? The membrane situated between the skull and the scalp known as the Galea is very thin during infancy. As men age, the galea can be affected by male hormones and thus gradually thickens. In some men, the membrane can grow to 10 times its thickness from infancy.

As this happens, the Galea compresses the scalp and the blood vessels that circulate blood under it. Compressing blood vessels reduces the amount of nourishing blood reaching the hair follicle and roots. As a result, the hair isnt able to obtain the nutritious elements it needs to grow, and thus the hair grows thinner all the while becoming fragile until it finally ceases growing.

H-Pantoten contains many nutrients including Vitamin H, Niacin, & Calcium Pantothenate all of which work together to help re-establish normal circulation to the scalp by helping to dilate the compressed blood vessels. This allows the nutrients already circulating in the blood stream to finally reach the hair follicle which should help to induce hair growth.

Women (in general) do not suffer the same hair problems as men. Regardless, some womens hair can be dull, fragile with split ends. H-Pantoten may be able to greatly improve the hairs appearance.

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How to take Bioconcepts H-Pantoten Hair Nutrition Tablets:

Take 1-2 tablets per day with food

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use